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Current State of Music

January 24, 2013

That’s a Spotify royalty check. Sad, huh? Is this really what the music industry has turned into? I feel responsible, in a sense. Or at least I feel responsible for my generation (I’m 22 now).

See, my generation grew up without the notion that we had to pay to listen to music. We take the convenience of things like streaming music services for granted. We even made this a social norm across all age groups. The youngins (but not too young) grew up with Napster, Kazaa, and whatever other various websites and services have you. Digital delivery is just so much more convenient than physical media.

Who does this affect? What does the music industry hold in the future? Will artists be forced to rely on revenues from live shows? Sure, there are things like Bandcamp, but isn’t that yet another service, hoping to take their cut of revenues that an artist deserves? Or will artists give up on trying to make a living off music, and instead, freely distribute music? That’s unsustainable, in my eyes.

Especially considering that Spotify has been operating at a net loss. While this may be an outdated figure, they operated at a $57 million loss for 2011. Read more from the New York Times.

Spotify is batshit crazy! Quite honestly, how much longer can this sort of thing continue? Artists like Grizzly Bear can’t afford health insurance, and Cat Power struggled due to health problems. Read about Grizzly Bear and Cat Power.

So why do we continue to use Spotify if this sort of outcome is arguably a result of our increased usage of convenience services? For the sake of musicians, buy your music!