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chruby - Minimal ruby version switching

June 16, 2013

So, like many other compadres in the ruby world, I too have simplified my ruby version-switching, using the kick-ass chruby , written in less than 90 lines of code. I have been working on setting up a development environment for our interns here at Acorns , and wished to avoid submitting them to the nonsense that is RVM (since bundler takes care…[Continue reading]

Keep it Static, Stupid

March 01, 2013

I gave a lightning(time-limited) talk at OCRuby last night, Thursday February 28th. The subject of my discussion was static site generators, for both high traffic sites, and when content is relatively, well, static. You can see my slides here[Continue reading]

RVM... Just Get Rid of It

February 17, 2013

Gemset? Why should I compartamentalize my ruby dependencies if I am already using a Bundler? Isn't that redundant? Yes, you are correct. Recently, I have been configuring a Jenkins server to run our builds at work. We run a number of rails projects on the same ubuntu box, some on ruby 1.8.7 and some on 1.9.3. We run RVM and create a gemset for each…[Continue reading]

Commanding Arduino with Siri via Ruby

January 27, 2013

Your iPhone can't make your toast, eh? Thanks to a SiriProxy plugin that I wrote this weekend (hooray for weekend projects) siriproxy-arduino , maybe it can.* Austinbv from Pivotal Labs provided the code for the 'dino' gem, which allows for simple control of Arduino via Ruby. While the above video is a simple proof of concept merely controlling…[Continue reading]

Current State of Music

January 24, 2013

That’s a Spotify royalty check. Sad, huh? Is this really what the music industry has turned into? I feel responsible, in a sense. Or at least I feel responsible for my generation (I’m 22 now). See, my generation grew up without the notion that we had to pay to listen to music. We take the convenience of things like streaming music services for…[Continue reading]


January 20, 2013

2004 is the year that I first decided to build a website. I decided that vBulletin would be the backend for my site, so I acquired a copy online, perhaps less than legimiately. Seeing as I was fourteen years old at the time, I didn’t have an extra few hundred dollars lying around for a license. At the time, the primary way to add features to your…[Continue reading]